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Pandupole is really a wondrous place with almost everything to please a traveler. It is incredible India with lots in store for a tourist. Travel to Pandupole in Rajasthan can be a good visiting area where you will get wildlife and ethnic forts all at a glance. Pandupole has an ancient mythical connotation attached to it. Pandupole was the ancient site where the strongest among the Pandavas, Bhima, vanquished the giant demon Hidimb and in return for this victory earned the hand of his sister, Hidimba.

The delightful sight of Pandupole or Pandu gate where a cascading spring emerges from hard and compact rocks creates best impression on the tourists. Legend has it that the Pandava brother took refuge here during their exile. The main path will take you first to Pandupole which is not only a beautiful spot picturesque 35-ft waterfall is another attraction here and next to the fall is a charming little Hanuman temple. This area is abundant in langurs, peafowl, spurfowl, and ubiquitous tree pies. On the way to Pandupole you will pass through Karnakabas Lake, Brahmnath, Kalighati Chauki and Bhaironghati.

Travelershub is always striving to give you the best service providing means to stay better during your holidaying in Rajasthan. Keep yourself updated with our guide to Travel to Pandupole and find out the most suitable ones for you and for your family.

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